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We pursue close cooperation with both our customers and our suppliers. Therefore, we only work with trusted and IFS certified producers. Below you can find an overview of the suppliers we represent.

Flechtorfer Mühle

From Flechtorfer Mühle we deliver baking and pancake mixes, flour, oatmeal, breakfast cereals and muesli. This German manufacturer of bakery products and cereals combines tradition and innovation, and we have been working with Flechtorfer Mühle for over 30 years.


From this Danish producer we provide our customers with cakes and muffins. Dancake is the largest cake manufacturer in Scandinavia. This producer is not only IFS and BRC certified, but also a Tesco approved supplier.


From this German supplier we offer our customers, amongst other things, cakes, muffins, pie crusts and pizza crusts. Kuchenmeister is the largest cake producer in Germany and manufactures treats for the complete family.


Together with Ranson we add a variety of bakery products to our portfolio. This European player has had patisserie in their DNA for over half a century. This IFS certified company is the master when it comes to marzipan, cover paste, chocolate decoration and exquisite blends.


This Danish manufacturer has been making chocolate kisses for more than 150 years. Quality and innovation are paramount and that has led to Elvirasminde slowly becoming a world player. Off course this manufacturer has the required IFS and BRC certification.


We sell waffles from Avieta. This Belgian family business operates worldwide. It is a rapidly growing company. Among other things, this growth is a result of the strong focus on innovation tailored to the marketplace.


We sell breakfast cereals from this Lithuanian company. With their state-of-the-art factory and their own network of farmers, Grainmore manufactures products that meet the highest standard, like BRC AA.